Announcing the Natty Narwhal UDS Translations Sessions

It's less than a week before the Ubuntu Developer Summit kicks off in Orlando, Florida, from the 25th-29th Oct, and everyone is getting ready to plan all the sessions and put all of the pieces in place for what will be once more an amazing schedule for an exciting development cycle: Ubuntu 11.04, the Natty Narwhal.

As usual, we're going to have a solid representation of Ubuntu Translations, and I'd like to take the opportunity to let you know bit more about the sessions we've got in store for this UDS.

Main Sessions

These will constitute the roadmap for next cycle, and were based on the great feedback from community members during the call for proposals for the Ubuntu 11.04 Translations Plans.

Everyone should feel welcome to participate in the discussions and collaborate in completing these goals.

Ubuntu Translations Portal

A web portal to unify all the available content on Ubuntu translations such as stories, announcements, language teams, documentation, etc. (read more...)

Language Pack Updates Schedule

A clear policy on language pack updates for stable releases, stating for which releases and when they will be published. (read more...)

Translations Stories

A coordinated effort to publish stories about the work of translation teams throughout the cycle. (read more...)

Introductory Video to Ubuntu Translations

Production of an introductory video on Ubuntu translations, which will ultimately appear on the Translations Portal. (read more...)

Translations Training Sessions

A set of translations training sessions to help new translators getting started using Launchpad Translations and contributing to Ubuntu. (read more...)

Additional Sessions

Translatable Ubuntu Code of Conduct and Leadership Code of Conduct

We want to provide the Code of Conduct (CoC) and the Leadership Code of Conduct (LCoC) in anyone's own language, and we want to enable the community to translate it. (read more...)

Internationalization of Launchpad Answers

We'd like to have an open discussion about the scope of work and the steps involved in enabling internationalization and localization of the Launchpad Answers application's web UI. (read more...)


Ubuntu Translations Community Roundtable

A roundtable to discuss anything related to the Ubuntu Translations community, and to Launchpad Translations as a tool. (read more...)

How to participate

Whether you can attend UDS presentially or remotely, if you see any translation session you're interested in, you can participate or follow the progress by subscribing to the blueprint. And if you are at UDS, just join the session! Here's how you can do it:
  • Go to the blueprint. Click on the session you're interested in, either in this overview (using the read more.. links) or in the UDS schedule. This will take you to the blueprint in Launchpad.
  • Subscribe to it. Subscribe to the blueprint, optionally ticking the "Participation essential" checkbox.
  • Add feedback. If you like, add feedback to the blueprint's whiteboard.
  • Join in! Remember that if you are participating remotely, there's IRC projected in all rooms and sound is streamed, so you can interact with those in the session. Check out the remote participation documentation for detailed instructions on how to participate from home or anywhere else.
Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!