Ubuntu App Developer Week Starting Today

Kicking Off Ubuntu App Developer Week

The Ubuntu App Developer Week is starting today, so get ready for an awesome week full of exciting sessions and great speakers around the topic of application development in Ubuntu.

Here's a taster of what's in store today:

16:00 UTC  - Making Ubuntu a Target for App Developers

Jono Lange will open the week explaining the strategy for app development in Ubuntu, telling us more about the latest developments and what we're going to see in the next future. Make sure you've got all your questions lined up, as it will be a really interesting subject and Jono will be more than happy to answer them!

17:00 UTC - Introducing Bazaar Explorer: Version Control for your Apps

Bazaar is a tool to track history of your code revisions and make it easy to distributed teams to collaborate developing code. But it's not all about the command line. Jonathan Riddell will show you how to use the graphical tools to help you being more productive with Bazaar.

18:00 UTC - Your App & Launchpad best practices

If you're using Launchpad, the suite of collaborative online tools to manage your project (and you should ;) ) Jason DeRose will go through the best practices and all the tips and tricks to make sure you make the most of it for your project.

19:00 UTC - Getting Started With Python: a Hello World App

Do you want to write your first lines of code in Python and need some help? Then no worries, Alan Bell will be here to guide you through the easy journey of writing a simple "Hello world" application in this cool and powerful programming language.

Joining The Week

Getting involved is simple. You can connect using any IRC client or your browser. Simply go to: