Help translating the LoCo Teams Best Practices and Guidelines

Hi all,

It's translations announcements day today! ;)

We've got some more content that would be very interesting for LoCos to have translated. Check this out:

The Ubuntu LoCo Council developed a series of best practices and guidelines to help all LoCos to be more successful, and it would be awesome to have it in YOUR language to allow everyone contribute making your LoCo rock even harder.

Here's how you can help:

  • Add your language and a link to the page where you want to put the translation to the table on top of I've added some few languages already for your convenience, and some folks have even already started translating!
  • I recommend creating a subpage named after the two-letter or threee-letter code for your language (e.g. LoCoTeamsBestPracticesandGuidelines/de for German). You'll find a list of codes here.
  • Copy the content of the page in English to your new page
  • Translate!
  • Save your translation and you're done
Check out the Spanish or Italian translations for an example: