Announcing Ubuntu App Developer Week

Ubuntu App Developer Week

I'm thrilled to announce the next edition of Ubuntu AppDeveloperWeek, from the 5th to 9th September 2011 at #ubuntu-classroom on IRC.

Ubuntu App Developer Week is a week of sessions aimed at enabling and inspiring developers to write applications that scratch their itches. Our goal is to give all attendees a taste of the wide variety of tools on the Ubuntu platform that can be used to create awesome applications, and to showcase some applications that have been created and explain how they were put together.

The Sessions

The whole week is packed with interesting subjects, aimed both at new and experienced developers. During the sessions you'll get a solid overview on a broad range of the Free Software technologies that will enable you to create your applications in Ubuntu. At the same time, you'll be able to chat and ask your questions directly to the true rockstars on those subjects.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Ubuntu App Developer strategy
  • Integrating applications with Ubuntu tech: Unity, AppIndicators, Ubuntu One...
  • Enabling multitouch support in GTK applications
  • Publishing your apps in the Ubuntu Software Center
  • Getting started writing your first app with Python
  • Rapid Application Development with Quickly
  • Using the Bazaar revision control to track source code history
  • Using Launchpad integration features to develop applications
  • ... Bazaar Explorer, Universal GRUB Recovery, Unity Lenses, Unity 2D, Gedit Developer Plugins, the App Review Board,, Unity Mail, Launchpad Daily Builds, Vala, GooCanvas and PyGame, Python Libraries for Desktop Integration, Internationalization... you name it. Learn more about the hottest topics and how to use the coolest technologies to write your applications, straight from the best experts in the Free Software world.
  • Check out the complete schedule.

Joining The Week

Getting involved is simple. You can connect using any IRC client or your browser. Simply go to:

Looking forward to seeing you all at App Developer Week!