After the first translations videocast

So, after having done the first translations videocast on the Ubuntu Translations channel yesterday, I can just say it was great fun, and from the feedback I got after the show it seems people liked it too, which is fantastic.

First of all though, big thanks to those of you who joined in with your comments and questions.

I was really really pleased to see lots of participation, both in the ustream chat in the show's page and in the #ubuntu-translators IRC channel. I think that's the best format to make it your show as well: do ask your questions, comment and make it more interactive. I can go on forever rambling on... err... talking about translations, but your participation makes it more fun and more personal, which is one of the objectives of these shows.

So for those of you who missed it, here's the link to the recording to watch it in your own time:

One thing I did not manage, though, was to match Daniel's comedy gold moment. Dogs and door bells apart, remember to watch his next show on Thursday next week for more Ubuntu Development goodness!

As it was the first time I ever did this, it was a bit experimental. I've been pondering about topics for the next shows, and here's a list of the things I think folks might find interesting:

  • Ubuntu Translations Workflow - How is Ubuntu translated
  • Natty Translations Roadmap - An overview on the translations community projects this cycle and their progress
  • Translating Ubuntu in Launchpad - A tutorial on how to use Launchpad to translate Ubuntu
  • Best Practices for Translation Teams - Tips and advice for translation teams when translating Ubuntu
  • Internationalizing your application - Introduction on how to internationalize and make applications translatable
  • ...
So what do you think? What would you like to know more about? Do you have any other ideas or suggestions for topics? Do let me know by commenting here or on the Ubuntu translators Facebook page. The main thing is that the biweekly videocasts are useful for you all.

I've already scheduled the next show, so I hope to see you on Translations TV - same time in two weeks time.

Do add it to your calendars! ;-)

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