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New Translations Videocast: UDS O Translations Highlights

So, new Ubuntu cycle and time for a fresh translations videocast! Join me tomorrow at the Ustream Ubuntu Translations channel, where I’ll give you a summary about the great sessions we had around translations last week at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Budapest, where we discussed the plans for the next cycle: the Oneiric Ocelot. […]

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New Videocast Tomorrow: Ubuntu Translations Workflow II

Join me in a fresh episode of Ubuntu Translations TV tomorrow, where I’ll be continuing the series started on the last session and explain what happens to translations when they get out of Launchpad and are delivered to our users for some localized goodness. Again, this will be a bit technical, but not too much, […]

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Ubuntu Translations Workflow

New Translations Videocast: Ubuntu Translations Workflow

As every two weeks, this Thursday I’ll be preparing a fresh Ubuntu Translations Videocast for all of you interested in knowing more about the exciting world of translating Ubuntu. I’d like to combine some basic with some more advanced topics, so that the subjects are interesting to both new and experienced translators. This week I’ll […]

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Double Translations Video Feature This Week

Lots of translations news on the air this week! Yesterday I had the pleasure to chat with the legendary Danilo Šegan, of Launchpad Translations and GNOME internationalization fame. Danilo told us all about the progress on upstream integration work in Launchpad and explained more in detail the part which has just been freshly implemented for […]

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New Ubuntu Translations Videocast tomorrow

Ladies and gents, I’m pleased to announce the next Ubuntu Translations videocast tomorrow from Dallas, Texas, where this week we are holding the Canonical Platform Rally for the next version of Ubuntu, the Natty Narwhal. This time around I’ll have the privilege to be joined by Danilo Šegan (or his alter ego Данило Шеган), the […]

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New Translations Videocast: First Steps Translating Ubuntu

After the first Ubuntu Translations videocast two weeks ago, join me tomorrow in a new edition where I’ll talk about the first steps to get you started translating Ubuntu. So if are either: new to Ubuntu and would like to learn more and join the awesome translations community… not involved in translations but would like […]

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